Marvelous Designer to quad clean topology 3ds max

Hi everyone,


Marvelous designer Tris to quad from salim ljabli on Vimeo.

I’ve started exploring Marvelous designer and try to see how i can integrate it in my workflow, to save me time and speed up my work pace .

Here is a trick i used to use for detailing on complex shapes but works fine to convert the tris to quad or better say to build a clean base topology for your sculpting .

I’ve used UV to Mesh script from :

you can also use slideknit script it almost does the same thing the only difference is speed.

i prefer using UV to mesh because it also offer an option to detach mesh based on uv seams

i hope this was helpful to you , i’ll share more videos and parts of my work .

added this 2 images to show you difference :

Quads from Marvelous designer :

marvelous designer
high ress

Base model done in 3ds max using the same technique :

quad max

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Best regards,

Salim ljabli





8 thoughts on “Marvelous Designer to quad clean topology 3ds max

    1. well, the script has nothing to do with wacom controls, maybe you should install new wacom driver and restart it from services and see .

  1. Hi Salim! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Unfortunately I´m having a little problem… When I morph the mesh, the edges of the new topology don´t meet exactly the reference topology. There is a gap where the topology should meet. Example: There is a gap between the seams of the sleeve… Any sugestions why this is happening? I´m banging my head against the keyboard because I cannot figure it out… 😦

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